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My dream for you is that instead of begging for a seat at someone else’s table, that you too build your own!

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Elysian Law is an innovative law firm that aspires to serve clients virtually. Our top priority is our clients! We understand how busy the entrepreneurial lifestyle can be and how important it is to keep operating costs low. Offering virtual services is a cost-efficient forward-thinking approach to providing legal services. Technology has changed so much over the years and it’s time for the legal industry to follow suit. It’s no longer necessary to drive across town to meet with your attorney.

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What is a virtual law firm?

A virtual law firm leverages technology to serve clients rather than a brick-and-mortar office. While a traditional law firm might be limited to serving clients in a certain area confined to one place, Elysian law is able to serve clients nationwide. Having a lean operation allows us to remain cost-efficient offering flat fee-based services while providing the same high-quality service. Traditional firms might find it difficult to work efficiently when not in the office. As a virtual law firm, we are prepared to serve our clients from anywhere. Elysian law is ready to build, protect, and grow your business today!

How will we communicate?

We produce the best handmade products for you.

It can be difficult for lawyers in a traditional setting to find time to communicate with clients. Here at Elysian law, we have more flexibility during our work day to meet with clients around their schedules, allowing us to forge stronger client relationships.

As a virtual law office, communicating with us is easy and can occur in the manner that’s best for you. You have the option to call, e-mail and virtually meet with us on Skype, FaceTime, Zoom & more! Once you become a client, communication is just as simple via our secure client portal.

You get all the same services that a traditional law firm provides without the hassle of interrupting your busy schedule to drive to the office.

Elysian Client Commitments

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The word “Elysian” means beautiful or creative; divinely inspired; peaceful and perfect, it derives from the idea of being of such surpassing excellence as to suggest divine inspiration.
Here at Elysian law, our practice is guided by this principle.  We strive to surpass excellence in all that we do.  It is our goal to ensure that everything we do whether in practice or client interaction exceeds expectations.

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Goodbye to the billable hour and hello to flat fee and subscription legal services.  For decades legal billing has been based on the billable hour, but there’s a better way.  Our unique pricing model provides clients with flexibility when seeking representation.  When you work with Elysian Law there are no surprise bills or gimmicks.  Our virtual law practice model allows us to provide you with efficient services at an affordable price through subscription and flat-fee services.

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Change your mindset; change your life.  We work strategically to mind your business so you can focus on serving your clients.  Our goal is to empower you not just by developing a strong legal foundation, but we also assist in shifting your mindset so that you can turn mere creative visions into tangible assets.  If you can dream it we can help you build it, protect it, and grow it.

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