Nique posing

Hi, I’m Phyniques Williams. I’m an attorney, business coach, and founder of Elysian Law, a virtual boutique law firm for creatives and entrepreneurs, but let’s drop all the fancy jargon—call me Nique! As a Navy veteran and former law enforcement officer, if anybody knows anything about working under pressure, stress, maneuvering through ranks, and borderline insanity, I hate to toot my own horn but **toot toot** it’s me. I’m not your average attorney, and this isn’t your average law firm. With me you get the best of both worlds, a trusted advisor ensuring your business is legally protected, and a strategic coach to ensure your next move is your best move.

I’ve always had a natural ability to guide and help people through obstacles and pursuing goals. Over the years I took notice of sincere frequent requests I received from friends, colleagues, and loved ones for help and guidance. I found solace in helping those around me to manage stress, accomplish goals, and pursue a life that they have always wanted. I was compelled to share this gift with others professionally.

Constantly Setting Goals

After previously establishing several businesses prior to law school, it comes as no surprise that during law school I developed a coaching business that focused on creating the life of your dreams by changing your mindset.  I’d spent years researching, studying, and testing stress-management techniques as well as implementing intentional living to bring myself to a place in life where I have always strived to be.  My techniques are tried and true.  My coaching business later morphed into a safe place for women business owners.  I understand that life can be full of competing priorities and demands and that starting and running a business is rewarding but can also be challenging.  I understand because I’ve done it myself.

I’ve Been In Your Shoes

After graduating from law school and moving into my legal career, I had it made right? I’d accomplished my lifelong dream of becoming an attorney and now the money and freedom would come pouring in. Ha! I was quickly snapped back to reality. The work-life balance had become a distant memory, and freedom and flexibility were non-existent. Oh, and money… what was that? I knew that lifestyle wasn’t for me. I was working day in and day out to build someone else’s business, and I had begun to dread going to work every day. I quickly found myself yearning for the freedom and flexibility that entrepreneurship had once afforded me. I took a leap of faith, and I haven’t looked back since. I realized that I could use my law license to help business owners and entrepreneurs like myself create, build, and protect their business and brand—thus Elysian Law was born. Elysian Law was the solution to the puzzling question of how to merge my love for coaching and consulting with my love for law and entrepreneurship.

My Personal Loves

When I’m not fulfilling my passion of helping others build and protect their brand, you’ll most likely find me spending time with my beloved fiancé or the rest of the crazy clan I call family, jamming out to some good music, listening to the latest episode of my favorite podcasts, indulging in a much-needed nap, or obsessively scrolling through pictures of mini piggies and sloths. Oh, and it’s a guarantee that a delicious plate of food is somewhere nearby. I love enjoying a good meal and enjoy a good cup of tea just as much!

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